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Part 2 – Admissions Phone Skills

The phone has been the primary tool for admissions teams for over 30 years. However, over the past decade, it has undergone a transformation in how we connect with one another. Depending on the generation your prospective students belong to, they may have a different attitude toward the phone. Therefore, it’s essential to provide prospective students with the flexibility to contact you in the manner most comfortable to them.

The admissions guide for colleges and trade schools
The admissions guide for colleges and trade schools – Part: 1

The top 3 ways to increase your admissions team’s lead to enrollment rate:
1. Improve speed to lead
2. Provide regular coaching and training with regular assessments.
3. Practice good lead management routines.

To dive deeper into these points and other ways to improve your team’s overall performance, continue reading.

ChatGTP-impact-on-digital marketing
ChatGPT AI: Transforming Digital Marketing

In the fast-evolving realm of digital marketing, ChatGPT, the groundbreaking language model from OpenAI, stands as a pivotal game-changer. This technology isn’t just a text generator; it’s poised to revolutionize the industry. In this article, we’ll explore how ChatGPT is reshaping digital marketing with personalized customer interactions, efficient content creation, and precise targeted advertising. Moreover, we’ll consider its long-term potential to fuel the development of advanced artificial intelligence tools. Brace yourself, as the future of digital marketing promises to be nothing short of remarkable.

SEO for Colleges and Trade Schools: 7 Easy Steps

Survival in the online world is not an easy task. A strong digital presence requires cutting-edge techniques to convert prospective leads into customers. This is because it doesn’t matter whether you have an interactive website or very low prices if the customers cannot even find you. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fits in the picture, which allows businesses to make profits and reach more customers with organic search results—wondering how you can attain these benefits too? Below, we will take you through 7 easy steps for improving your SEO strategy. Let’s dig in.

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