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College Marketing Pros is a marketing agency that primarily focuses on lead generation for post-secondary institutions. We deliver specialized tools, skills, expertise, and experience to ensure that your institution exceeds its enrollment goals through proven digital marketing strategies.

Our team of experts are always ready to provide tailored marketing solutions for your institution – from initial planning to final execution. With our proven track record in delivering exceptional results, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our partners.

The values we hold are the key to building trust and loyalty. These values are an integral part of our brand identity and have helped us build successful partnerships with our clients. At College Marketing Pros, we are passionate about helping colleges and trade schools make it big!

We Grow Schools

Our mission is to help our school partners grow their student populations, program offerings, and locations.

Real Relationships

Building deep, personal, and genuine relationships with our partners leads to better collaboration and better outcomes.

Tangible Results

We look past vanity metrics and focus on the data that helps us make better strategic decisions that lead to better outcomes.

Our Story

With over 15 years of experience boosting enrollment for career colleges and trade schools, the experts at College Marketing Pros have mastered the art and science of higher education marketing.

Originally founded by Hamlet Arias, whose hands-on leadership roles gave him an insider’s view of the challenges schools face attracting and enrolling qualified students, College Marketing Pros was founded with the sole purpose of helping higher education institutions thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Frustrated by the mediocre results delivered by traditional agencies, Hamlet knew he could do better. Partnering with local marketing powerhouse Michael Gonzalez, together they built a suite of proven solutions that generate high-quality leads, increase enrollment, and grow tuition revenue.

But it’s not just their track record of results that sets College Marketing Pros apart. It’s their passion for helping schools succeed. Over the past decade, Hamlet and Michael have worked closely with admissions and marketing teams at career colleges, community colleges, and universities across the country. This close collaboration allows them to understand each school’s unique enrollment goals and challenges.

Armed with this insider’s perspective, College Marketing Pros develops customized digital marketing campaigns using the latest data-driven tactics. From SEO and PPC to social media and beyond, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to connect schools with qualified prospective students.

The numbers speak for themselves. On average, schools see lead generation climb 60%, student population doubling in months, and a better ROI after partnering with College Marketing Pros.

Driven by their mission to help every higher education institution thrive and grow, Hamlet, Michael, and the College Marketing Pros team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in higher ed digital marketing.


Team Members

The College Marketing Pros team is made up of experienced and diverse talent, all dedicated to providing the ultimate client-partner experience.

Michael Gonzalez

Managing Partner


South Florida

Miami, Florida may be our home, but we work with schools across the country.

Welcome to our Miami, Florida location! We’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re your local partner specializing in advertising for colleges and trade schools. Our roots in Miami run deep, and this connection to the area allows us to craft highly effective and successful marketing campaigns unique to the local market.

3:05 is Cafécito Time

  • Miami Expertise: Though our headquarters is based in Fort Lauderdale, we started as a Miami-based agency. This gives us an intimate understanding of the local culture, trends, and demographics. We know what makes Miami tick, and this insight is invaluable when it comes to marketing your educational institution to the community.

  • South Florida: Anyone who lives in the South Florida area has traveled to many parts of the state, especially Orlando. All the major cities are often visited by locals. Therefore, regardless of which South Florida city you live in, despite the distance, they all feel like another neighborhood to us. South Floridian’s are mobile people who enjoy exploring and therefore the cultures are mixed and diverse. Understanding these subtle nuances helps us be better marketers for your school.

  • Local Market Mastery: South Florida is a diverse and dynamic market, and we know how to navigate it like a native. We understand the preferences, behaviors, and aspirations of local students, enabling us to create campaigns that resonate deeply with them.

  • Cultural Fusion: South Florida is a melting pot of cultures, and our agency thrives on this diversity. We draw inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Pompano Beach, Miramar, and many other communities to craft marketing strategies that are inclusive and appealing to a wide range of students.

  • Local Networks: Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with key partners in the education sector, local businesses, and community leaders. These connections allow us to create collaborative marketing campaigns that benefit both your institution and the local community.

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